Fire Services


Turnkey Project Solutions offers comprehensive fire-fighting services, including installation, maintenance, and detection systems. Our focus is on safeguarding lives and property through top-tier fire protection solutions. Our fire-fighting services are ideal for businesses, factories, warehouses, and residential complexes.
We are committed to staying at the forefront of fire protection technology, providing fast response times, and ensuring compliance with local safety codes.
Utilities Erection and Commissioning
We specialize in the erection and commissioning of utilities such as compressed air systems. Our turnkey solutions ensure reliable and efficient utility operations. Industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and businesses seeking efficient utility systems.
We have a proven track record of delivering turnkey utility solutions on time and within budget, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing energy costs.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Our air conditioning and refrigeration services are tailored to process plants, clean room applications, and buildings. We provide energy-efficient cooling solutions for various environments. Process industries, pharmaceutical companies, clean room facilities, and commercial buildings.
We design and install state-of-the-art HVAC systems that ensure precise temperature control, energy savings, and optimal air quality.


1.Erection and Commissioning of Substations
Our team specializes in the efficient erection and commissioning of substations, ensuring reliable power distribution and compliance with industry standards to Industrial and commercial clients seeking robust electrical infrastructure.
2. Erection and Installation of LT Distribution and Electrification
We excel in the installation of low-tension (LT) distribution systems and building electrification, providing seamless electrical connectivity for various applications to businesses, construction projects, and residential complexes requiring quality electrical installations.
3. Liasoning with Government Authorities
We facilitate the often complex process of liaising with government authorities, ensuring that your electrical projects meet regulatory requirements.
4. Electrical Testing and Test Report Provision
We conduct comprehensive electrical testing, providing clients with detailed test reports to verify the safety and performance of their electrical systems.
5. Supply of Skilled Electricians and Fitters
We offer skilled electricians and fitters for temporary or long-term assignments, ensuring your projects have the expertise they need.
6. Deputation of Engineers for Site Activity
Our experienced engineers can be deputed to oversee and manage site activities, ensuring smooth project execution.
7. Maintenance of HT/LT Substation Systems
We provide ongoing maintenance services for high-tension (HT) and low-tension (LT) substations, optimizing system performance and reliability.
8. Maintenance of Plant Equipment
Our maintenance services extend to plant equipment, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime.


Our Solar Installation Services:
Installation and Commissioning of Overhead Lines & Substations: We are a trusted service provider for the installation and commissioning of overhead lines and substations specifically designed for solar systems. Our solutions ensure efficient power distribution from your solar array.
Expertise in Underground Cabling: Our team possesses specialized expertise in underground cabling for solar projects. We design and install subterranean cable systems that are durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.
Complete Solution, Including Civil Work: We offer end-to-end solutions for solar system installation, including civil work. Our services encompass the entire project lifecycle, from site assessment and design to construction and maintenance. We handle all aspects, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.
Our Recent Accomplishment: We take immense pride in our recent achievement—a 27.5 MW solar project successfully completed. This project exemplifies our dedication to excellence and showcases our capability to deliver large-scale, sustainable energy solutions.

Smoke Detection Systems: We design, execute, and calculate cutting-edge smoke detection systems that provide early warning in the event of a fire. Our systems are engineered for accuracy and reliability, ensuring rapid response and enhanced safety.
Sprinkler and Gas Suppression Systems: Our expertise extends to the design, execution, and calculation of sprinkler and gas suppression systems tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a commercial or industrial setting, we ensure the highest level of fire protection.
Contractorship for Hydrant & Pumping Systems: We offer comprehensive contractorship services for the installation of water-based hydrant and pumping systems. Our solutions guarantee a dependable water source for firefighting purposes.
Fire Sprinkler System Execution: Count on us for the seamless execution of fire sprinkler systems. Our skilled technicians ensure that your property is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire suppression system.
Fire Alarm Systems: We specialize in the execution of advanced fire alarm systems, providing early warning and quick response to fire emergencies, minimizing potential damage.
Water Storage Capacity and Pump Sizing Calculations: Our team conducts precise calculations to determine the optimal water storage capacity and pump sizing, ensuring your fire protection system operates efficiently.
Gas Quantity Calculation for Fire Suppression Systems: We calculate the exact gas quantity required for your fire suppression system, ensuring the right amount of suppression agent is delivered when needed.
Schematic Diagrams Design: We create detailed schematic diagrams that provide a clear overview of your fire protection systems, aiding in maintenance and troubleshooting.
Layout Drawings for Sprinkler, Hydrant, Water Spray, and Foam Systems: Our experts design comprehensive layout drawings for sprinkler, hydrant, water spray, and foam systems, optimizing their placement for maximum effectiveness.

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